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Billboards Info

  • Take your message to the road

This is where you will find your best prospects and how outdoor advertising can play an important role in your business success.


  • Constant Exposure and Repetition

Exposure seven days a week, 30 days a month, Outdoor Advertising delivers your message over and over. It does not let your customer forget your sales messages.


  • Flexibility

You can place your Outdoor Advertising in locations reaching everyone coming into or leaving your specific market area, Your pinpoint your prime marketing areas exactly.


  • Low Cost per Thousand

No other advertising medium reaches as many people, more often, at as low cost.

Billboards Advertising Viewers in past week accounts for 15.9 Million Malaysian (source : Media Planning Guide Malaysia 2016)

Large Posters on Boards at the road side0%
Advertising on bridges! That's us0%
Bus & Taxi shelters Ads0%
Outside a Taxi Ads0%